26 y old lesbian woman from Norway.

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Interview with Norways largest LGBT website: «I was born in <i>my</i> body!»

My face is currently plastered all over the frontpage of Norways largest lgbtq-website, due to an interview they had with me. There is currently a show running on norwegian tv that is called “born in the wrong body”. It is a good show, well filmed and such, but it is way to normative and portrays a 1950’s view on interests = gender. It also does not use any form of “trans”. All the participants use “born in the wrong body” of themselves, even when it seems forced. They were all handpicked from the norwegian HBRS patient organization, which is known to represent a gender normative, “true transsexuals” view.

After the first episode, I wrote a blogpost about the show, where I call them on all the things I found to be unhealthy. I stated that not all representation was good representation, and I called them out on all these things, taking care not to direct anything towards the participants, but rather the makers and the organization behind the show. This blogpost became quite popular, and most seemed to agree with it.

Then Gaysir.no got a hold of it, and contacted me saying they wished to do an interview, and that they also were interviewing one of the participants right before me.
The participants interview came of as a tad bit transphobic, which was not shocking, and he seems to not quite understand what is under the trans umbrella, stating that his assosciation with the word trans is someone who dresses up. (In norway the T contains both gender identities and expressions btw). And mine was published on friday and to me it was so epic. And the feedback has been nothing short of amazing. The first ones to share it was norways largest lgbtq organization(LLH) and that got the ball rolling. I even got word Norways most vocal feminist organization(Ottar) shared it on their facepage. All in all, fucking A!

Link to interview(norwegian, but use google translate or something):
I was born in my body

All pics of me, from the interview.

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